Former Staff Research Assistant

Angela Saulsbery (Currently a Ph.D. student in Behavioral Neuroscience at Ohio State University)

Former Undergraduate Research Assistants

(reverse chronological order)

Ashley Centner

Kristen Unger

Karen Garcia

Esteban Ceballos

Sasha Basdeo

Beth Trippi (Currently a master’s student in Occupational Therapy at Stony Brook)

Teena Thomas

Ubaidat Abdul-Rahman

Tina Berlin

Natalie Bono (Currently a law student at Hofstra)

Maureen Richardson

Kyungna (Ira) Park (Currently enrolled in a developmental master’s program at Teacher’s College at Columbia University)

Jordania Deschamps

Ariella Fershtadt (Master’s in mental health counseling at Hunter College)

Alexandra Kugler (BA, Binghamton University)

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 11.10.17 AM
Left to right: Angela Saulsbery, Ubaidat Abdul-Rahman, and Tina Berlin